Imam al-Sadeq (as) states, "The sigh of the sorrowful for the wrong done us is an act of worship",
and, "Anyone who remembers us, or, if we are mentioned in his presence, and a tear as small
as the wing of a gnat falls from his eye, God would forgive all his sins. . .

Imam Hussein (as), has himself said, "I am the martyr of tears, no man of faith remembers me but that he weeps."

Imam Hussain ibn Ali (A.S.) says: Shake hands with Hajis and the people whom have performed the Hajj rituals and Umrah and salute them before they make sin.

A man came to the chief of martyrs Imam Hussain a.s & said ," I am a man who commits sin & do not have patience & constraining power against sin & wrongs , so admonish me with a (piece of) admonition. Thus He a.s said , “ Do 5 things & commit any sin you may wish .
*First is that do not eat the sustenance of Allah & do not commit any sin you wish
*secondly , get out of the dominion of Allah & do perform any sin you like to
*thirdly seek a place where Allah doe not see you & commit any sin you please
*fourthly when the angel of death come to take your soul , repel him from your self & do any sin you may please
*fifthly when Malik (the in charge of the Hell) makes you enter the fire do not enter the fire (hell) & do any sin which you may please.
[Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-126]

Emulate & compete each other in achieving the human value & rush & hasten to get the spiritual treasures. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-121].

Who so ever has generosity becomes the chief & that one who commits parsimony & stinginess becomes degraded & abjected. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-121].

Mot generous of the people is the one who grants to the person who does not have any expectation from him . [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-121].

One who removes an anguish & sorrow of a faithful , Allah grants him the deliverance from the sorrows & dejections of world & the here after .
\[Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-121].

Whenever you hear that person reaches for the honour of the people & endeavor to dishonor the people ,
try hard that he does not come to know you . [ Balaghat Al Hussain Alkalimatul Qisar , 45]

A person asked him “, what is needlessness (wealth) ?” He Replied “, the fewer & lesser number of your desires &
your satisfaction over what can be sufficient for your life.” [Maani Al Ikhbar P-40]

Do practice like the person who knows that he would be seized & held for committing crime & rewarded for good deed. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-127]

There are 70 benefactions & rewards for saluting 69 are for the one who initiates it & one for replier. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-120]

Do not say a word about your brother in his absence which you would not like him to say during your absence. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-127]

Take care, not to do any thing for which you have to apologies. Because the faithful does not commit wrong (sin)
& does not apologies & the hypocrite commits sin all the days & (then) extends apologies. [Tuhful Aqool , P-248]

Hurrying & making haste is witlessness, & insanity. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-122]

Do not Allow any one to enter & (walk in) till he has saluted . [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-117]

It is from the signs of ignorance to enter into dispute with those not having thought & meditation. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-119]

One of the signs of the scholar is his criticism upon his (own) speech & his awareness &
knowledge pertaining to the facts about the forms of views. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-119]

Weeping for the fear of Allah is (causes) salvation from the fire (Hell) [Mustadrak ul Wasail , Vol 2 , P-294]

The company & social intercourse with the people committing transgression is (causes) blame & incredibility. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-122]

Take care not to maltreat (commit excess upon) anyone who does not have any helper except Allah. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-118]

The one who loves you forbids you (from committing evil) & the one who has enemity with you entices & allures you; (to commit evil). [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-128]

The intellect does not achieve completion except by observance & following of the right. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-127]

One who seeks the pleasure of people by displeasing Allah. Allah makes him over to the people. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-126]

Oh people! Take lesson from what Allah has admonished His friends , where in He negatively defined (rebuked) the people of the book (Jew) scholars & said ,
Why do the scholars of Jews & Christian not forbid & refrain people from sinful talks (or deviational beliefs) & also said ,
Those among the sons of Israel who became infidels were cursed through the tongue of Daud a.s (David) & Essa a.s Christ .
What an evil did they commit? Allah rebuked those scholars because they saw the evils & corruption in the society before their eyes &
did not forbid them from that , for their inclination towards the material gains which they received from them & for the fear from what they were harassed of.
Although Allah says “And do not be harassed by the people & have the fear Me.
(Surah Mayeda 46) And again says “ the faithful men & women are friends & helpers of each other. And order (each other) the good deeds & stop from evil doings.”
[Tuhful Aqool, P-237]

(Oh Allah) How could an argument be given about your Existence by a thing whose total & complete existence is in need of you?
Is it that the advent of other than You is such that the like (advent) is not present in You so that the one other than You becomes a clear evidence
(expression) of your presence? When did you ever disappear so that you might need an evidence & logic to lead (the people) towards You?
And when did You ever become away & take distance so that your signs & effects make the people get, in touch with you? Blind be the eye which does not see You
(Whereas) You are observing him. [Prayer of Arfa Day 9th Zil Hija] [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 98 , P-226]

The one who lacked & missed You what did he find ? And what is it that he lacks, the one who finds You ? certainly,
the one who got pleased & inclined towards other tthan You, came to nothingness (failed). [Prayer of Arfa Day 9th Zil Hija] [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 98 , P-228]

A nation which buys the pleasures of the living beings in exchange for the wrath of the creator does not get salvation. [Maqtal Khawarzmi, Vol 1, P-239].

None is in peace on the resurrection day except the one who fears Allah in the world. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 449 , P-192]

Allah , firstly mentioned “command for good & forbid to do evil” as one of His obligatory services, since ,
He knew that if these two obligatories are performed & established, all the obligatory services out of easy &
hard will get performed & established. Because , “command for good & forbid to do evil” invites to Islam, along with
giving out the right of those having right & opposing of the tyrants & oppressors. [Tuhful Aqool, P-237]

O people! The Prophet of Allah s.a.w said the person who sees that tyrant & unjust king has made the things forbidden by Allah legal & allowed ,
broken & breeched His promise & perjure, opposed the sunnah & tradition of prophet of Allah , acted among the servants of lord with sin & tyranny.
So when he does not act against him (the king) through practice or speech. It is Allah’s right to make him enter into his (kings) place of entry (Hell).
[Maqtal Khawarzami, Vol 1 , P-234].

Indeed people are the servants of world & the religion is (like) saliva upon their tongues,
they churn it around their tongues till they are living. And when the are faced with a test, the religious once are only rare. [Tuhful Aqool, P-245]

One who wishes to reach a goal & aim through the sin & transgression , the way to that aim would get blocked & sooner he would get into danger. [Tuhful Aqool, P-245]

Do you not see that the right is not being put into practice & distance is not being taken from the falsehood.
(In this situation) the faithful is inclined to it (it suits him) that he meets Allah. [Tuhful Aqool, P-245]

I do not see (consider) death except prosperity & do not consider life along with oppressors & tyrants except affliction & anguish. [Tuhful Aqool, P-245]

Do know that the people’s being needy towards you is a beneficence of Allah upon you o do not get tired of the beneficence
lest those should turn into calamity & woes. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 78 , P-121]

A group worships Allah for the avidity (reward of paradise) this is the service of traders &
a group worships Allah due to fear (from hell & the torment of Allah) this is the service of salves
(who obey their masters being afraid of them). And a group worships Allah as thank giving ,
so this is the service of free men & is the superior most service. [Tuhful Aqool, P-24]

“Oh followers of the Abusufian family if you do not have religion & you are not afraid of the resurrection day then be free in your world.
(at least behave freely in your worldly affairs.) [Maqtal Khwarzami Vol-2 , P-33]

*If the world is taken to be superb & decent house then the house of Allah’s rewards is more superior & sublimer.
And if he bodies have been created for death , then being slain with sword on the way of Allah would be better.
And if the sustences have been distributed according to the Devine destinies then the lesser greed of man for drawing sustence is more beautiful.
And if the wealths are collected & gathered for being left over (passing away without carrying the wealth along to the next world)
why does hen the free man become stingy & miser about the things to be left behind. [Bihar-ul-Anwar; vol 44 , P-374]

*I have not stood up upon the incentive & provocation of self conceit & arrogance & not as a chaos creator &
oppressor And indeed I have come out (stood up) wishing the rectification of my grand father Mohammad s.a.w ummah .
I want to order the good deed for forbid the evil & put into practice the character & morale of my grand father Mohammad s.a.w & father Ali Ibn e Abi Talib a.s .
[Maqtal Khawarzami, Vol 1 , P-188]

*Oh Allah, You now all that took place at our hand (struggle, movement against evils) was neither for the lust of kind ship (power)
nor to gain wealth but it was for manifesting the signs & symbols f Your religion & to bring about & implement amendment & correction
(reform) in Your cities & make the oppressed & afflicted once out off Your servants peaceful & that Your obligatory & desirable services &
commands be put into practice. [Tuhful Aqool, P-239]

*And your calamity is greater than all the people because the stations of scholars have been snatched off from you
(the rulers have forcibly occupied the stations of ulema & scholars & you are following the occupiers blindly).
Wish , you knew this since, (from Islamic point of view) the implantation & exercising of the ordinances & matters
should be in the hands of God recognizing scholars who are the trustees if His legal & forbidden.
But you have been deprived of that post. And that you have not been deprived of that but for
the reason that you have detached yourselves from the right & ,
of your differences in the sunnah (tradition) after the appearance of conspicuous arguments.
Had you been patient upon the torture (of enemy) &
had endured & borne the expenditure on Allah’s course the matters of Allah (the management of Muslim affairs)
would have come to your hands & those would have originated from you & returned too you but,
you got the tyrants imposed at your place & surrendered the affairs of Allah to them.
They practice upon doubtful (imbiguous) & move on the course of lustful desires.
Your running away from the death & attachment with the life , which must part from you ,
made them imposed upon that (mentioned above). [Tuhful Aqool, P-238]

*At the plateau of Karbala`', Ima`m Husayn, peace be on him, received the exhausting misfortunes,
saying: "O Lord, I am patient towards Your decree. There is no god but You.

*Amir-ul-Mu'minin Imam Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib (peace of Allah be upon him) narrated: “We served the Prophet (s),
who visited us, some of the milk, butter and dates that Ummu Ayman had given to us. After he had had some,
he moved to a corner to offer a prayer. He wept a lot during the last prostration of that prayer.
Due to great awe of him none of us could ask him. Al-Hussein then approached him and said: “Father,
the greatest pleasure that we had ever felt was at these moments when you visit us. But we also felt great sorrow when we noticed you weeping.
What for are you weeping?” “Son,” answered the Prophet (s),
“The angel Gabriel has just come to me to foretell that you all will be killed in different areas of this earth.”
“Father,” asked al-Hussein, “What will be the reward of him who visits us in such different areas?”
The Prophet (s) answered: “There will be groups of my ummah visiting your tombs for seeking blessings.
I engage myself with the pledge that I, on the Day of Resurrection, will come to save them
from the horrors of the Hour of Resurrection that they will suffer because of their sins.
Allah will surely make Paradise their abode.” [Bihar-ul-Anwar; 22/ 7 (as quoted from Kamil uz-Ziyara and al-Amuli)]

Allah is sufficient protector for us. Upon Him we depend, to Him we refer, and to Him will be our return.
Source: Tuhaf al-Uqool

Ibn Abi Al-Hadid al-Mu'tazili said in regards to Imam Hussain (PBUH):
"Abi Abdallah, Hussain ibn Ali (PBUH) son of Ali ibn Abi talib, is the master of rejecters to oppression.
He taught generosity to people and taught them to choose death under the shadow of swords rather than to abject.
The enemy had offered a guarantee for his life and that of his companions. However,
he turned his back to Ibn Ziyad and abjection, and rather chose to die with honor."
(Elaboration of Nahj al-Balaghah by Ibn Abi Al-Hadid, vol. 3, p. 249)

Hazrat Imam Husain (A.S.) said: "Don't you see that the truth is not followed and the falsehood is not discouraged?
(The situation is so severe) so that a Believer wishes to meet Allah (i.e., to die). And today I don't see death but prosperity,
and living with tyrants is nothing but disgust and disgrace." Sunni Reference: Hilyatul Awliyaa, by Abu Nu'aym, v2, p39

Hazrat Imam Husain (AS) said: "By Allah, I shall not give my oath to you like a humiliated one, and nor shall I flee like the captive.

Hazrat Imam Husain (A.S.) said: "I revolted not for wickedness nor for fame. Verily I rose only to seek for rectification in the nation of my grandfather,
The Messenger of Allah."

Hazrat Imam Husain(A.S.) said: "The true life is all having a strong idea and striving (for that idea)."

Hazrat Imam Husain(A.S.)said: "People are the slaves of this world, and religion is just in their tong.
They keep it as long as it meets their comfortable life. But when the test comes, religion holders become very few."

Imam Hussein says: "It is better to die in honor than to live in abjection

*"By Allah, I will never give you my hand like a man who has been humiliated, nor will I flee like a slave."

*When other people turn to you in need, consider it a favor of Allah. Do not be wearied of this favor, or it will move on to someone else.

*Twelve Imams will be from among us. The first among them will be 'Ali b. Abi Talib and the last will be my ninth descendant, the rightful Qa'im

*"In the name of God the Merciful, the compassionate,
From al-Husayn b. Ali, To the leaders of the believers and the Muslims.
Hani and Sa'id have brought me your letters; they are the last two of your messengers who have come to me.
I have understood everything which you have described and mentioned.
The (main) statement of your great men is : "There is no Imam over us.
Therefore come; through you may God unite us under truth and guidance.”.
I am sending you my brother, Muslim b. Aqil who is my cousin and my Trustworthy (representative) from my house.
If he writes to me that the opinion of your leaders and of the men of wisdom
and merit among you is united in the same way as the messengers who have come to me have described and as I have read in your letters,
I will come to you speedily, God willing. For by my life, what is the Imam except one who judges by the Book, one who upholds justice,
one who professes the religion of truth, and one who dedicates himself to the essence of God". Kitabal Irshad. P. 305